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As, we know the tape technology provides the cheapest and the efficient way to produce the backups. The tape media allows storage by offering greater flexibility as your business grows. The multiple numbers of copies of backups can be generated which offer more redundancy. The tape technology is more cost effective than compared to other disk technology when it comes to cost per gigabyte, and offers the most reliable way to prevent data corruption viruses.

The tape cartridges are backward compactable with the disks previous generations. The tape drive of SDLT 600 version can read SDLT 320 and SDLT 220 and DLT VS160 tapes. The tape drive of SDLT 320 version can even reads and writes SDLT 220. The SDLT 320 and SDLT 220 drives can read the DLT tape IV with DLT 8000 and DLT1 drives, as well as the older DLT 7000 drives.

The tape technology offers back read compatibility to the other older versions of DLT tape and DLT 4000 media. The tape technology offers read compatibility to the DLT1 media. The passing of tapes from one generation to the next is possible only in the DLT Technology, even as the drives and tapes can increase ten fold performances through the next several years.

There are various range of features and technologies such as the performance, functionality and price points. The Tape technology ensures backward read compatibility with the millions of DLT tape cartridges which is one of the major plus point. The tape technology will allow carrying investment forward for future generations of drives as business grows and whenever backup is needed to be increased.

The tape technology has a wide range of products; the value series can deliver a balanced combination of price, performance and reliability is suited for entry-level servers. The Performance Series of tape technology delivers compatibility and performance for enterprise level applications.

The performance series of drives are used for backup for a wide range of applications such as computers, network servers, high end workstations, library automations systems and other operating systems. The value series of drives are used for any value-oriented user who needs to store data on a removable medium.

The tape technology uses the drives which are widely used for server attached storage, and rack mounted applications. The value series of tape technology is certified for use with major software packages, making the tape technology effective in a wide range of backup.

The tape technology offers a product which is ideal for distributed storage environments. The range of features and technologies are available for performance, functionality and for price points. The products based on tape technology ensure backward compatibility with the millions of DLT tape IV cartridges in use and archived.

The Tape drives will allow you to carry your investment forward into future generations of drives as your business grows and your backup needs increase. The Tape Technology has a range of products available: The Value Series of this technology can deliver a combination of price, performance and reliability and is well suited for entry-level servers.

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