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The data is of importance to almost any organization. Almost everyone in the industry, who is associated with the storage of the data over any media, knows the fact that the data can be easily copied to any other storage device with the ease. Imagine the pain staking phenomenon that was required when the data was in the form of the paper. The method of duplicating the data was very much time consuming. But presently, with the employment of the idiot box known as the computer; that problem is almost solved.

The data or any information can be easily copied with the click of a mouse. The copying of the data from one storage device to the other storage device is much simpler process. The process is also called as the Tape Duplication. The method involved in it usually consists of the cloning of the content that is on of the tape drives to another tape drive that is of the similar kind.

The duplication of the data usually prevents the loss of the data from the severity of the crash. If in a situation, it so happens that the data is lost or the system is crashed then the user is aware of the fact that the data is already stored on some other storage device from where the backup can again be carried out. The duplication of the data prevents the possibilities of the loss of the data by any types; like the accidental deletion of the data, mishandling or the corruption of the data intentionally, fire mishaps, natural hazards, theft or due to any other reason. The duplication of the data is achieved by storing the tape drives off sites.

The other possibility of the duplication of the data is to regularly run backup process. The archival of the data at the regular intervals provides a better solution to the disaster of data loss. But however strong may be the backup strategy of the backing up of the data; the data loss is inevitable. Sometime or the other it is possible that the system may crash. So the better thing apart from the back up or the archival of the data is the tape duplication. The reason for the tape duplication as a better solution is that it takes place outside the backup window.

There are many tailored techniques that are developed for the tape duplication. One among them is the technique developed by the Arkeia. The technique involved with it is that the global security is reinforced to its customers in the entire network. This is done even when there is a backup window that is freely available for the purpose of the online backup. There is also an encryption module enforced along with the Arkeia method of duplicating the data.

The encryption module is in accordance with the aspect of data security. The encryption module has the principle that if it is once stored as an off site, the data cannot be read or access even if the tapes themselves are completely stolen. The security level is considerably increased in such a situation. This encryption module can also be followed even when the data is being backed up for the archival process.

The encryption of the data is usually done on the client side of the network system. The advantage of doing so is that the data is backed up while it is transiting to the back up server through the through the network. The choice offered to the network administrators is that they can either use the DES – Data Encryption Standard or the other encryption algorithms.

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