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What ever may be the tape drive there always exist some problem or the other. In case if the problem arises then the troubleshooting should also be carried out for that specific problem. Let us discuss some of the problems that can occur in a tape drive and some of the common methods that are used as solutions for providing the troubleshooting.

The most common problem that can happen is that the tape drive may not show up during the process of the POST. (The POST stands for the Power on Self Test). In such a situation the user can check the cable connections to verify that the tape drive is connected properly to the system. If the connections are appropriate then the check whether the SCSI ID is not used by any other device. Else the problem can be over come by providing the different cable connection.

The other possible problem that may arise is that the drive may be detected during he POST but may not be visible in the explorer of the operating system. In such a case the drivers should be properly installed for that drive. The improper installation of the drivers may also result in such type of problem.

The tape drive may also have the problem if the drive is in continuous usage for the last few months. Then it is better to at least restart the system. The restarting of the system will result in the refreshing of the system. It is also better to verify that the tapes that are in use are the fresh ones and the tape drive is clean and dust free.

The installation of the service packs may also result in the updating of the tape drive. Another problem may be that the tape drive may not be working at all. In such a situation it is better to consult for the services of the data recovery experts if u think that the data is corrupted and the retrieval is not possible. Also prior to this it should be made clear and all the connections should be checked if the cables are connected properly or the drivers are installed or not. In such a situation the external aid can called in.

A situation may arise when you are getting the SCSI timeouts or there errors in the CRC that is the Cyclic Redundancy Check. In such a situation it is advisable to reset the cables of the SCSI and the sync set the transfer speed to 10 for the testing purpose. The termination is also to be verified and if it is not proper then it should be set correctly. If all the above solutions fail then it is advisable to try for other cables.

The most common error that is found in relation to the tape media is that the message displayed is “No Media Found”. In such a situation the resulting solution will be that to clean the drive and install it again. Sometimes the minute dust particles also get settled on the tape. In such a situation the drive must be cleaned and again reconnected. The problem can also be fixed by updating the firmware. If the problem still persists then the drive can be altogether replaced for a new drive from the manufacturer.

There may also be some problems like the write protection error. There is notch in every drive where to determine the write permissions of the drive. The write protection tab should be checked to see whether the write tab is enabled or not. There are also the DLT tools that are available for the troubleshooting of the tape drive.

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