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The most important aspect one can think about after a thorough discussion on the tape drives and the hard disk drives is that; is it possible for both of the storage media to be combined so as to achieve the maximum possible benefits from them. The backup libraries are generally used in a slightly different manner when the case for the hard disk drives and the tape drives is considered. Imagine the advantage one might gain if there is deployment of both the different types of the storage devices.

Usually most of the data centers require the data that is to be managed to provide a protection for their data. This is in the case where in an integrated system of the deployment is considered. The so called integrated system for the disk and the tape drive is capable of creating the tape automatically and that too in the background. Usually in this type of the combination of the disk drives the problem arises when the administrator of the component of the disk and the separate tape component need to manage the tasks that is two different back up tasks.

The first task is from the tape to the disk and the second task is from disk to the tape. There may also be many complications that may arise. These include the operations that are considered as the complex. The other problems that include are the performance of the server that may be degraded.

It may also result in the increment of the pressure over the backup windows. The service responsibility may also be affected by being unclear. Usually at the generalization level; the highest one - has the libraries that are used along with the disk that can handle a variety of the jobs.

Even it may be required for them to possibly operate on the duty cycles that are much higher. There are several factors that are in relation. The first among them is that the disk drive is quite expensive in comparison with the tape drive. This means that the task of the library is to manage multiple tasks at given same time. Also the task of the library is to support more possible applications.

It is also required for the library to manage the different sources at the same time. Also the pattern for the duty cycle may result a difference in how the tapes are usually created in a systems that have a mixed technology. The tape drives usually have the library based back up; especially the one that provides an integrated creation of the tape. It is the capability that is used to send the data to disk drive at the time of the backup window. Hence this topic of “Tape designed to work with disk“ was not considered in the detail due to the differences.

The libraries may be coupled to the backup disk drives that may allow the feature of the management to support the multiple processes that too in complex environments. It is also required for then to provide the reliability and the possible service to match the profile of the usage.

There are usually four primary properties that need to be considered when the users are utilizing the facilities of the libraries. They include the following: the Input Output management, the integrated management, the Partitioning and the last but not least the Import or Export supportability.

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