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Tape data recovery plays a vital role as many organizations prefer to store their back-up files on tape because of the large storage capacity. So if tape damage occurs it is often very important and irreplaceable data that is lost. The care taken in regard with the data is important and necessary in the case of any data failure. In case of any failure of the data, it is the responsibility of the administrator to initiate the process of data recovery.

The recovery if initiated as early as possible may result in further loss of the data. Hence the process of recovery of the data should be carried out at the earliest after the situation of the failure of the tape drive is sensed. A tape drive refers to a peripheral device that reads and writes data primarily a computer based data on a magnetic tape.

The first and the foremost step in the recovery of the data are to diagnose initially. And further to determine whether the storage device or in specific discussion the tape drive is accessible to the equipment of our lab. The important thing when a drive is crashed is to take the backup of the data as much as possible. It is this step that holds the key of the recovery of the data there after. If the data is completely backed up, then the question of the recovery of the data itself may not arise.

Hence the first priority is that to make a raw image of the data over the tape or the storage media drive. The reason for this raw image is for the purpose of logical analysis. It is also done to determine loss of the data and the nature of the situation in which it occurred. In the case if the storage media drive is in accessible then the experts in the field of the data recovery process, who can handle the situation or those organizations that are authorized for the data recovery process should contacted. The most important thing in the case of any physical damage is to test the components of the cartridge and determine the extent of the physical damage has caused to the tape storage drive.

Since tape consist of high capacity, and high data transfer speed, tape technology is ideal for backup and restore applications. As tapes are also reusable, the costs are considerably lower. The recovery process of the tape drive is that the damaged tape media should be cleaned. The other things like the splicing and the respooling of the healthy segments that are still intact; of the tape drive.

These processes can be carried out using the tools that are specialized to do so. It is also possible to configure the tape drive by the method of hardware customization. Also the data recovery software tools can be utilized for this purpose. The combination of both of them should be considered to create a raw image of the tape from the available pieces of the information.

The system crash is so called; not only for the physical level crash, but also for the logical level. The logical recovery of the tape drive is done by using the raw image that is created. The examination or the observation of the tape drive at the low level sectors of the data should be studied in detail. And the process of the recovery of the data should be started to fix the format of the tape structures. The structural tape format is required to gain access to the data that is important.

It may be possible that sometimes the structures are damaged or may be even missing to the extent that the data should be extracted from the raw image directly. There are available a lot of software tools that help out in recovery of the data. The technicians can use to analyze the data, fix it or even recover it from the raw tape images.

In the case if the recovery is performed successfully, then the next step is to create the file lists and the directory structure. Next the data integrity over the recovered system should be checked. The data validity should also be checked after entire process of the recovery of the data is completed.


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