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There are many points that need to be considered when the situation of the data loss arises in the Tape drives. The data loss in any of the computer systems is an important issue which should be significantly discussed. Some of the important reasons for which the data loss can occur in a tape drive are listed below. A discussion regarding the important points of the failure of the tape drives is necessary before committing the data to tape drive.

The first most important aspect is the failure of the tape drive which has resulted in the corruption of the tape headers. This can be fairly explained in regard with the detailed structural organization of the tape drive. In any storage media there are the headers which are responsible for the access of the data from the drives. The headers in the tape drive have the function to access the data from the tape drive.

If these tape drive headers are corrupted then the tape drive may fail; resulting in the data loss. The physical manhandling or the physical damage may also result in the data loss. The data loss in the tape drive can also be due to the logical corruptions.

The data loss or the crash of the tape drive is also possible, if the tape media is over stretched or even snapped. This is also the reason for the damage of the tape drive. If in any condition there is over stretching of the tape due to the human interaction or if the tape gets stuck itself, then it is possible that the tape may even get snapped.

The snapping of the tape drive will result in the loss of the data. The damage that is caused due to this reason of stretching or snapping is extensive in nature and may result in serious consequential implications. Hence care must be taken to provide the extra importance to the tape drives regarding the physical damage. The next reason that can be considered as the serious, for the data loss is the damage or the contamination that may be caused due to the surface instability.

The surface of any media storage is a very sensitive area over which there should not be any scratch or even a slightest physical damage. The surface scan may to some extent help in solving the problem of the data loss but still the problem exist in large scale. It can be considered as the primary reason for the damage of the disk. The surface of the media can be damaged even if due power failure.

The other major reason is the excessive heat that may cause the loss of the data in the tape drive. The Fire power or the damage that can be caused due to the water should also be considered for the tape drive.

Apart, form the discussed above topics for the loss of the data, there are also a few important aspects that need to be considered. They include the accidental formatting of the tape drive or the self erasing of the data over the tape drive. It is also possible due to the accidental overwriting of the headers. The tape backup or the archival software may also fail.

The corruption of the backup software may also lead to a situation of the data loss. The impact of the data loss surely depends upon the sensitivity of the data. The more important the data is so severe the result of the data loss.


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