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The SAIT is the technology developed by the Sony Corporation. The abbreviation SAIT stands for the Super Advanced Intelligent Tape. This is basically the tape technology, as it is obvious with the given name itself. This technology of the SAIT is devised to perform improvements in the tape technology by increasing the performance and the reliability. This technology of the SAIT provides a means for the high capacity storage device for the tape to maintain a competitive edge in the market in contrast to the other technologies that are available.

The tape technology is dying away after the introduction of the magnetic disks like the hard disk drives and the floppy disk etc. The optical storage devices have also played a major role in the storage technology. The SAIT technology by the Sony tries to maintain the image and the efficiency of the tapes by representing an increment in the capability in contrast to the current tapes that are available. SAIT is an attempt to efficiently address the convergence that is expected of it in the cost segment of per gigabyte of tape along with the variations of the low cost and the high capacity disk drives.

The technology of the SAIT is a new breed in the in the enterprise tape automation space. The new technology of the SAIT looks like a half inch drive that has the capacity of about 1 TB that is in the uncompressed form. The major area of this technology’s interest would be the large storage applications or the high end applications. For examples they may be the broadcasting, management in digital assets and government archiving.

The offerings of the SAIT technology over the tape media are like the following; in storage capacity it has the capability to store the data in the uncompressed form to about 1.3 TB. The 500 GB is the native capacity. The main disadvantage of the tape drives is the seek time. In the disk storage media the seek time of the storage device is small but where as in the tape the seek time is high. But the implementation of the SAIT technology has enhanced the data transfer rates.

The data transfer rates are about 78 mega bytes per second, that is in the compressed form and about 30 mega bytes per second in the native form. The Sony is trying its best to provide the double capacity and the best assured data transfer rates in its new up coming models that are implemented on the SAIT technology.

The SAIT technology has increased the prospects of the Sony Corporation in the base technology development. The base technology: in the sense for the products in its lower end AIT line to the form factor of about half inch. The half inch market player that is leading the world presently is the Quantum. The Quantum's SDLT320 and LTO Generation 2 - Ultrium, is providing a tough competition for the technologies developed by the Sony.

The Quantum’s technology is already available along with the HP, Seagate and even the IBM. The upper end products IBM like the MagStar and the 9X40 from the StorageTek are also the key competitors. Even the DTF that is the Digital Tape Format that is from the Sony itself provides a competitive edge to the SAIT technology. The DTF is a tape technology that is mainly used in the broadcasting.

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