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The Linear Tape Open is a technology that attempts to develop a standard for linear tape storage as an alternative for the Quantum DLT format. The Linear Tape Open can combine the advantages of bi-directional formats with can enhance the servo technology. The Linear Tape Open can be used for data compression and can be used to track layout and for error correction code to maximize capacity and reliability. The two formats which are based on the Linear Tape Open technology are designed for applications that require fast access times, such as on-line data inquiry.

The Linear Tape Open consists of tape devices which are provided with the data access within 10 seconds. The capacity and performance advancements of Linear Tape Open can be used to result in products under 7 seconds which has the capacities up to 400GB compressed and has the transfer rates which are ranging from 160-320MBps compressed. The Linear Tape Open can be used for ultimo which is a single reel format targeted for users requiring ultra-high capacity backup, restore capabilities.

The Linear Tape Open can format which enables manufacturers to develop products which can compress the data and has the capacity and can deliver transfer rates which can be in the range of 20-40MB per second. The market has a single 200GB drive which is expected to be able to accommodate varying capacities of about 20GB to 200GB. The capacities of a single cartridge and can transfer data with a rate of about 160-320MBps compressed. The Linear Tape Open can also be used as an open-format tape storage technology which is developed by Hewlett-Packard and many other companies to provide the best of the result.

In Linear Tape Open technology, we use the term open-format which means to say that users can have access to multiple storage media products which are compatible to one and other. The high performance implementation of Linear Tape Open technology is known by the term LTO Ultrium format.

The latest of these is Generation, provides data storage capacity which is up to 800 gigabytes and a maximum transfer rate of 80 to 160 megabytes per second. The Linear Tape Open has up to 4, 5, and 6 number of version which is currently under development. The Generation 4 of Linear Tape Open is planned to provide a maximum storage capacity of 1.6 terabytes and a transfer rate of Linear Tape Open is up to 240 MB/s. The Generation 5 of Linear Tape Open is having a maximum storage capacity of 3.2 TB and a transfer rate of Linear Tape Open can be up to 360 MB/s.

The Generation 6 of Linear Tape Open is expected to have a maximum storage capacity of 6.4 TB and a transfer rate of Linear Tape Open could be up to 540 MB/s. Advancements in Linear Tape Open technology has involved many historically factors, such as the materials from which the tape is manufactured, and the digital encoding and compression methods, and the physical speed with which the tape moves through the drive, the length of the tape and the physical density of data bits on the tape. Linear Tape Open has generated a whole new approach to tape format specifications designed to bring open standards, and new levels of scalability, reliability and automation to the tape backup market. The Linear Tape Open technology also provides good customers with powerful benefits.


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