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DLT is abbreviated as Digital Linear Tape which allows you to carry out investment forward into future generations of drives as your business grows and your backup needs increase. The DLT Technology has a range of products which is available in the Digital Linear Tape and has a value series which can deliver a balanced combination of price which is best-suited for entry-level servers. The Digital Linear Tape has the performance series which can delivers both compatibility and performance for enterprise level applications.

The performance series of Digital Linear Tape are used for backup and for wide range of applications, including network servers, high end workstations, library automations systems, and mainframe environments operating systems. The Digital Linear Tape is used for any oriented user which is used to store data on a removable medium. The DLT-V drives are widely used for server attached storage and rack mounted storage applications.

The DLT-V drives effective in a wide range of backup scenarios. DLT-V products are ideal for distributed storage environments. DLT drives and media are efficiently and economically business critical data from primary storage devices, such as servers, storage disk drive systems, and storage appliances. The Performance Series of Digital Linear Tape are used for midrange and enterprise environments that exchange and store digital content.

The Digital Linear Tape systems deliver the reliability to support critical applications which requires heavy backup demands. The Digital Linear Tape Technology is the most popular backup choice for value series of products and is primarily used as server storage for backup. There are two ways of backup in Digital Linear Tape which are directly inside the server and attached to the server. The desktop version can holds one drive which is the enclosure that holds up to two drives.

The Value Series of Digital Linear Tape products are also available and found in autoloader type solutions. The key applications for Digital Linear Tape drives includes e-commerce, internet and intranet, archiving, disaster recovery, data mining, medical imaging, graphic arts, multimedia, publishing, data acquisition, video on demand, digital nonlinear video editing, video distribution, storage service providers, application service providers, regulatory compliance.

The Performance Series of the Digital Linear Tape can be used at 100% duty cycle. There are different types of Digital Linear Tape; they are DLT VS80 and DLT VS160 respectively. These products such as DLT VS80 are used to meet the highest standards in the industry for use and storage. Digital Linear Tape can be able to read and write in a linear pattern, as each data track runs the entire length. The Digital Linear Tape is repositioned to a new track and the tape is then recorded again in the opposite direction. Digital Linear Tape Technology allows 640 tracks.

The Helical scan systems used in Digital Linear Tape can be used to record data in diagonal stripes. The Digital Linear Tape can be overlapped with a high density of data. This introduces difficulty in error detection and correction. Digital Linear Tape Technology is cost effective than disk technology when it comes to cost per gigabyte, and is most reliable way to prevent data corruption from digital code viruses. The Digital Linear Tape-V, DLT-V product can feature capability to previous generation product.

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