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Tape has compelling advantages. It's inexpensive to operate and buy, and even cheaper to store, whether it exists on reels, inside cartridges or as part of an automated tape library system. There are many Advantages of tape drives that can be used for the archival or the backup processes. The first major advantage is that it is used for cheap backup of the system data or the information. Hence the media storage that is used for the backup of large databases has a major advantage in terms of the cost or the price.

The cost of storage of the data or the information in the tape drive is much cheaper as that comparable to the other forms of the storage media. Some of the major advantages of the tape backup are as listed below. They include the following: Firstly in consideration with the structure of the tape media, the heads in the tape media are separated from the media. Hence even if the head of the tape fails; then also the media is still in the working condition.

The assumption is made in consideration with the tape drive’s internal structure. The second major advantage that is in existence along with the usage of the tape drive is that the tapes are usually stored as the offline. It has an advantage in the sense that if there is a certain disaster then also the tape is can physically survive. The disasters may be the natural ones or the man made disasters. There are many types of data loss situations.

The most common one that can be considered is the power failure or any power surges; can also cause the failure of the tape drive. The reliability and the cost of operation involved is more in the case of the tape drives. In short the tape drives are considered as more durable than the disk drives like the hard disks, floppy disks and the optical storage disks.

Even the hard casing that is provided surrounding the tape drive can cause the tape to sustain the damage. It is much better and durable than the storage media disks. Also they are easier to repair.

As with the disadvantages; every thing that has some advantages also has certain disadvantages. This is the natural phenomenon that cannot be ignored or avoided at any cost. Hence it is better to study the disadvantages and try to overcome these disadvantages. The major disadvantage regarding the tape backup is that of the access time or the seek time that it requires.

The access time is more in case of the tape drives than in comparison with the other media storage devices. This disadvantage is due to the reason that the tape uses a simple sequential access to read the data or the information. The same procedure of sequential access is used for the retrieval or the write process in a tape drive. Hence consider the situation where in the data is located at the middle portion of the tape drive. In such situation the search operation or the search request is generated for the tape drive to get that data.

The tape drive requires looking for the data from the starting point of the tape. Hence now the data or the information is located at the middle of the tape drive. So the time consumption is more in this type of searching of the data. Also another disadvantage regarding the tape drive in comparison with the other storage devices is that only one file can be accessed at a time.

The tape drives are sequential which means to read a particular block of data the user has to start from the early point of the tape rolling till the desired data is reached. A major fact regarding the tape is that, this is the earlier forms of storage device.

The sequential access of the tape itself is called as the tape format. Despite of the disadvantages tapes still are the first choice for backup of the data. But at last the tape drive is an efficient method for storing the data as the backup.


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